Residents worried about road safety and farm theft

Farm theft and road safety were hot topics in Avoca and Landsborough last week as residents voiced concerns about safety in their communities to local police.

The sessions were a result of the Community Safety Network (CSN) survey conducted in the Pyrenees last year and saw police visit communities to discuss local safety issues.

Around 25 Landsborough residents turned out to last Tuesday’s session and 34 residents attended Avoca’s event on Wednesday.

Ballarat and Pyrenees Local Area Commander Inspector Dan Davison attended the sessions and said both communities had similar themes.

“The sessions are designed for us to go back and provide feedback around what the community’s feedback in the survey was,” he said.

“The top three concerns that came back from the survey were road policing, farm and rural crime, and dangerous driving. The questions we got on the nights showed it was a consistent theme.”

Insp Davison said farm theft was a particular concern for both communities.

“We provided some tips and advice in relation to crime prevention, particularly around rural crime,” he said.

“We focused mainly on the fact that the police need information a lot faster than we’re getting.

“Quite often farmers won’t count their flock until it’s either time to deal with their lambs or shearing season, and when that time comes they’ll report to police that they’re missing sheep, but they could’ve been taken anytime in the last seven months.

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