Reminder to stay alert as two pedestrians get hit in CBD

Local police are calling for residents to take care when crossing the road after two pedestrians were hit by cars in Maryborough in less than a month.

Pedestrians and drivers are being urged to pay attention on the road after two pedestrians were hit by cars in Maryborough in the past three weeks.

A woman was struck by a vehicle while using a pedestrian crossing in High Street on May 30 and on June 17, a man on a motorised scooter was struck by a car while using a pedestrian crossing on High Street be- tween Nolan and Inkerman streets.

Both pedestrians escaped with minor injuries but Goldfields Police Service Area Inspector Donna Mitchell said the incidents, while isolated, serve as a reminder to take care on the roads.

“I wouldn’t say this is a trend, but it’s two incidents of note,” she said.

“Everybody has to be alert, especially with winter in full swing. Rain and people using umbrellas means visibility is going to be reduced for everyone.”

Insp Mitchell said the responsibility of staying safe on the road lies with everyone in the community and reminded both drivers and pedestrians not to be complacent.

“I’ve noticed when I drive or walk through town that people almost treat High Street like a walkway,” she said.

“People are not crossing at pedestrian crossings or they walk along the road to the crossings, not along the footpath.

“Don’t be complacent. For pedestrians, don’t presume cars are going stop, always stop and look both ways before crossing the road, even at a crossing.

“Make eye contact with the driver, that’s the biggest safety message. Drivers should also make eye contact with pedestrians and be looking for people crossing the road.”

For more on this story see Page 3 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, June 25

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