Movement encouraging locals to give up plastic

Barry Parsons and the Goldfields Sustainability Group are ditching plastics throughout next month and beyond as part of the movement, Plastic Free July.

The Goldfields Sustainability Group is encouraging locals to ditch plastic for the month of July.

Plastic Free July is a global movement encouraging people to re- think the way they use plastic and this year the Goldfields Sustainability Group has jumped on board the initiative once again.

The group is encouraging individuals and community groups such as schools and social groups to look at ways that they can reduce the amount of plastic waste that is ending up in landfill, water ways and oceans.

To complete the Plastic Free July challenge, the group suggests using reusable water bottles or drinking fountains rather than single use bottled water, using reusable cups when purchasing take away coffee and other beverages and keeping small folded material bags in the glove box, handbag or backpacks to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Other handy tips include placing groceries directly into a basket or trolley rather than using plastic bags, using beeswax wraps or sealed food containers for packed lunches or for storing food in the fridge, instead of using cling wrap, using newspaper or biodegradable bin liners in rubbish bins, placing hard plastics into home and public recycling bins and placing soft plastics into REDcycle bag collection bins.

For more ideas visit the Goldfields Sustainability Group’s Facebook page or join the group at Café One Ninety on Saturday, July 6 at 10 am, to discuss ways help to make July plastic free.

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