Maldon keen to get onto the winners list

Roversʼ Shelby Steel makes a tough intercept during round six last weekend.

Rovers provided Lexton with their first victory of the season last round but will not be keen to show the same courtesy to Maldon this weekend.

The Bombers are one of two sides, the other being Navarre, that is yet to claim a win this season.

This has seen the side drop to second from the bottom of the ladder despite some close games that almost tipped in the Bombers’ direction.

Maldon had the chance to start their season on a high, but a seven- goal loss to Harcourt in round one and a three-goal loss to Newstead the following week left the side on a low.

The Bombers then had to tackle top sides Carisbrook, Trentham and Natte Bealiba in succession which unsurprisingly has left them winless so far.

This weekend’s competitor, Rovers, have had a very up and down start to the season with one big loss, one big win and the rest of its results sitting on the balance of six or less goals either way.

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