Everest hike ticked off for father and son duo

Local David Hare (right) and his son Oliver braved the cold earlier this year, hiking to Mount Everestʼs base camp.

Avalanches and crashed planes were no deterrent for a local father and son duo who hiked to Mount Everest’s base camp earlier this year.

David Hare and his son Oliver set out for the base camp in April this year, braving the cold and dangerous environment to arrive 15 days later, on May 2.

Although Mount Everest is renowned for being the tallest and one of the most dangerous mountains in the world with an elevation of over 8800 metres, the base camp is no mean feat either, boasting its own altitude of 5364 metres.

Traveling with a group of 15 who all made it to the base camp, David said it was “pretty tough going”.

“My son Oliver was going and he asked if I’d be interested in coming along. My initial response was no and then I thought about it and figured if I don’t do it now, I never will,” he said.

“I do a fair bit of cycling so I was fairly fit, but I had been doing a fair few walks through different areas to get fit and get used to carrying a pack on my back.

“The first day hiking was hard and the next day was hard too. I was thinking ‘it should get easier’, but it didn’t.

“It was worthwhile — you see the top of the world. The people in Nepal are really friendly, it was a really positive experience but also a very, very difficult experience.”

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