Region enjoys wettest May in three decades

It was a wet and windy day on Wednesday, with over 19.2 mm of rain falling in the region.

It was a wet end to autumn with over 90 millimetres of rain falling in the Maryborough region throughout May, almost three times the rainfall total for 2019 according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Throughout May, 91 mm of rain fell in Maryborough to make it the wettest May since 1988. The month’s 19 rainy days saw 2019’s rainfall total almost triple from just 34 mm to 125 mm.

The last month of autumn gave locals some relief from the dry start to the year which saw the region suffer through the driest April (3.4 mm) in 70 years.

In May, the average maximum temperature was 16.1 degrees, with the mercury rising to 20.9° on the first to make it the hottest day of the month.

On the 29th, the mercury dipped to single digits to reach a mere top of just 9.6°, making it the coldest day of the month and coldest day so far for 2019.

For the months ahead, according to the Bureau, it will be a warmer than average winter for the region, with an 80 percent chance of temperatures exceeding the maximum median temperature of 13.3° throughout June, July and August.

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