Skilbecks set to put on the kettle for big morning tea

Peter and Lil Skilbeck are set to host their annual morning tea event as part of the Australiaʼs Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser this Thursday. The duo have been brewing, and cooking, up a storm and raising thousands of dollars for the Cancer Council over the last 20 years, with Lil a 35-year survivor of breast cancer herself.

Having lost a daughter to cancer and being a survivor of breast cancer herself, Lil Skilbeck and her husband Peter have raised an estimated $30,000 by hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser for the past 20 years.

A Cancer Council initiative, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea invites people to host a morning tea event to raise money for people affected by cancer.

First hosting their morning tea in 1998, Lil said the event has grown into something much larger, and more significant, than they thought it ever would, attracting guests from as far as Gisborne, Creswick and Geelong to their Joyce’s Creek home.

“I’m an almost 36-year survivor of cancer,” she said.

“We lost our eldest daughter to melanoma, but she watched me go through breast cancer and remembered what we’d been through.

“When I was ready to retire she said ‘mum it’s about time you gave something back and actually did something for the Cancer Council’, not knowing what was ahead of her.

“We had two or three years together doing the biggest morning tea before she died and we’ve pretty much been doing it since then.”

The Skilbeck’s house is located at 324 Rodborough Road, Joyce’s Creek. There is a donation entry to the event, which will run all morning this Thursday, May 23.

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