Shire battles with truancy rates as VCE students skip school

Year 10 students in the Central Goldfields Shire are missing more school than any other pupils in Victoria, with an average 53.2 days missed per student in 2017 according to new data.

The results come from the State Government’s Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System and measures the rate of absence for full time students at government primary and high schools across the state.

Recent data found that students in the Central Goldfields missed more school than any other pupils in Victoria in 2017, an average 30.8 days per student, almost double the state rate of 17.2 days.

While absence rates for the lower grades were mostly on par with the rest of Victoria, senior students missed a huge amount of school.

In 2017, 118 year 10 students in the Central Goldfields missed a combined 6282 days of school in 2017.

Year 12 pupils missed a combined 3106 days of school — an average 50.8 days per student.

Year 11 pupils were not much better, with 84 students missing a total 4051 days, or on average 48 days per student.

The results are a huge spike compared to the previous year (2016), with year 10 students recording a total 4164 absent days, a more than 2000 day difference compared to 2017.

Maryborough Education Centre (MEC) principal David Sutton said while the rates are a problem MEC is aware of, the school is working hard to address the issue.

“MEC underwent its four-year review in 2018, and in that review we looked closely at our attendance data and it is above what it should be. We own and accept that data and we’re setting about to improve it,” he said.

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