School’s out for Marion

Marion Martin (Walters) and her husband Daryl Walters will be celebrating Ms Martinʼs time at Highview with a retirement dinner this Thursday.

After almost two decades teaching at Highview College and some 40 years in the education industry, Marion Martin has called it a day, hanging up the lab coat and calculator.

Starting her teaching career in 1977 and remaining in the profession until earlier this year, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for maths/science teacher Ms Martin.

“When I started studying there was a shortage of teachers and you could be paid $10,000 to do the course. It sounded good to me so I signed up,” she said.

“For the first couple of years I actually thought I was going to die, but after I’d been teaching for about three years I decided I actually enjoyed what I was doing.”

Finding her way to Highview after a decade-long stint at the Maryborough Technical College, Ms Martin said she’s seen some big changes over the years, including the addition of new buildings, but said the biggest change was in the area of technology.

“For a small school Highview kept up to date and punched above its weight as far as technology is concerned with things like smart boards, internet capacity and computers for each student,” she said.

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