Region to benefit from extra family violence specialists

An increased police presence is soon to be felt throughout the region, as Victoria Police continues recruiting, training and deploying hundreds of new officers throughout the state with a focus on family violence.

Victoria Police announced late last month that some 709 additional police officers and 25 Protective Services Officers will be deployed across Victoria by April 2020 as part of the 2019-2020 police allocation.

Although the Goldfields Police Service Area, which includes Maryborough, will not receive additional general duties officers during this period, the area is set to benefit through a number of shared divisional resources, including an additional Highway Patrol member and five family violence specialists.

Local Area Commander and Maryborough Police Inspector Donna Mitchell welcomed the additional officers to the area, particularly the family violence specialists.

“Family violence is such a huge problem in the Goldfields, we’re overrepresented in those figures so that’s the area that will have the most impact for us, and the one extra member for Highway Patrol,” she said.

Insp Mitchell said 207 family violence specialists are rolling out across every policing division in Victoria from May, following the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“You can see across the whole state, Victoria Police are setting up these family violence investigation units to deal with the more extreme cases of family violence,” she said.

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