New gym program helping teens with body confidence

Demi Walker, Lydia Walker, Abbey Mottram and Ebony Raven took part in a new exercise program aimed at teenage girls earlier this year.

Heading to the gym can be a daunting task for most people and especially so for teenage girls, but one local gym is trying to combat this through an intimate new program.

Penny Rendall and Trina Bond of Funky Fitness were inspired to create the Girls Body Confidence Program after the passing of a close friend who suffered with weight issues from a young age.

“A really close friend of mine passed away a few years ago from a cold,” Penny said.

“Of course it wasn’t the cold that killed her, it was the complications that came from being overweight for so long.

“I thought ‘what if somebody had intervened back when she was a teenager?’ so that’s kind of where this came from.”

The trial run of the program saw four teenage girls tackle both physical and mental wellbeing.

Penny admits that although both she and Trina are mums to daughters themselves, they uncovered some impressive and confronting things throughout the sessions.

“For teenagers who have a lot going on in their mind, if they can just spend a short amount of time as an escape away from that and focus on something else like gym or sport, then it’s not just physical anymore it’s mental as well,” she said.

“We learned that especially in the resistance training they were a lot stronger than what we gave them credit for.

“We also saw a massive change in a short space of time which was really great.

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