Fox baiting program begins

Forest Fire Management Victoria has begun laying fox bait in state forests across central Victoria, including Bung Bong and Wareek.

Fox baiting has started in various state forests across central Victoria, including in Bung Bong and Wareek, to reduce attacks on native animals and livestock.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) has begun to lay baits in the Central Goldfields’ Bung Bong and Wareek state forests, with FFMVic acting senior forest management and roading officer, Joe Rogasch, saying the fox baiting program will focus on the boundaries between public and private land.

“Foxes are a pest animal in Australia, attacking livestock and wildlife, carrying disease and increasing the spread of weeds in our state forests,” he said.

“The 1080 poison shelf-stable baits will be buried in bait stations according to Victorian Directions for Use of 1080 products and manufacturer ’s guidelines to reduce the risk of non-target species taking them.

“The 1080 poison works on the central nervous system of the fox, leading to unconsciousness and eventual death.”

However, dead foxes pose no threat to other species because the poison is harmless once metabolised, Mr Rogasch said.

“We ask nearby landholders to ensure their dogs and other pets are confined to their property during the baiting period,” he said.

“Signs have been placed at entrances to the areas that are part of the program.”

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