Forensic capabilities boosted by Ballarat hub

The Goldfields Crime Investigation Unit (CIU) has received a boost in forensic capabilities, with the newly opened Ballarat Forensic Hub meaning evidence no longer needs to be taken to Melbourne for testing.

Opening last week, the forensic hub is set to have significant impacts across the region as local police will now have faster access to forensic services to assist with investigations and the apprehension of offenders.

Goldfields CIU Acting Detective Sergeant Steve Atkinson said the forensic hub will “definitely benefit” local police.

“Normally we would have to convey forensic exhibits directly to Melbourne, so just in its simplest form the new hub will enable us to get fast-tracked results in relation to things like DNA and fingerprint examinations,” he said.

“The new hub will definitely streamline investigation processes in relation to forensics analysis for us.”

The forensic hub will not only boost forensic capabilities locally, but also reduce the time it takes officers to transport evidence, which Act Det Sgt Atkinson said is “definitely” a positive.

“The hub fast-tracks things. We’d normally be driving all the way to Melbourne and we’re not doing that anymore, therefore we’re actually in town doing what we should be doing,” he said.

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