Students off to Laos and Cambodia

Highview College is sending 15 of its students to either Laos or Cambodia for its annual volunteer trip. While overseas, the students will aid in the construction of a classroom or a house.

As part of the Rustic Pathways program, students will either head to Cambodia to help with the building of a family home or to Laos to help a local school.

Laos-bound Fraser Dix said he is excited for the trip and can’t wait to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

“It’s important to go over to another country to help people that aren’t as lucky as us. Also to see what it’s like over there, what they have and how they live,” Fraser said.

“I think we might realise that we take it for granted over here sometimes.”

Deanna Dellis, who went to Thailand last year as part of the same program, said she expects Laos to be “very different”.

“I went last year to Thailand and I loved it. I loved seeing the different culture, the food and the environment. We built a fence so we could keep animals out for the people who were growing crops,” she said.

“It’s going to be completely different in Laos, but that’s exactly why I wanted to go.

“I think it might be hard to see kids that don’t even have a classroom when we have so much technology and even simple things like tables and chairs.

“We don’t really know how lucky we are until we go over to third world countries.”

Fraser, Deanna and their schoolmates will experience everything from caving to elephants while in Laos, but most importantly will head to Nong Ian Village for two days of construction on a classroom for a local school.

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