Residents urged to help brigade ensure community has working smoke alarms

Maryborough Fire Brigade captain Darryl Wagstaff, member Greg Greenwood and community safety coordinator Raelene Williams are looking for volunteers to help with a smoke alarm project.

The Maryborough Fire Brigade is calling for volunteers to help them take on a pilot project to ensure resident’s smoke alarms are working ahead of winter.

The project will see volunteers knock on the door of 200 local households to speak to residents about home fire safety and install smoke alarms where required.

To support additional vulnerable residents in the community, an opt- in system will be made available for an additional 100 households.

Maryborough Fire Brigade community safety coordinator Raelene Williams said to be a success, the program needs community support.

“A project of this size and importance will require the support of our local community in the form of people power,” she said.

“We are launching a volunteer recruitment drive to sign up people to support us in the time limited project.

“As a project volunteer we are seeking commitment over a three- month period with availability (times and days of the week) flexible to suit individuals’ circumstances.”

According to Ms Williams, it is estimated that up to half of Victorian homes do not have working smoke alarms and research consistently supports that having a working smoke alarm significantly reduces the likelihood of death in the event of a house fire.

Ms Williams said she hopes the short-term volunteering will encourage more residents to sign up.

To find out more or to sign up as a project volunteer contact Raelene Williams on 5461-1394 or email [email protected]

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