Residents reminded about smoking rules

Central Goldfields Shire environmental health officer Gillian Tattersall and local business owner Jenna Primmer are reminding locals to be aware of smoking laws in outdoor dining areas following a number of complaints.

Smoking was banned in all commercial outdoor dining areas in Victoria on August 1, 2017, including all outdoor dining areas at restaurants, cafés, take-away shops and licensed premises.

The new laws also mean smoking is banned in outdoor drinking areas if any part of that area is within four metres of an outdoor dining area.

The reminder to obey the ban comes after Ms Tattersall said council has received a number of reports of people smoking in banned areas over the past month.

“The laws have been in effect for more than a year now but lately I’ve noticed we’ve had some complaints about people smoking in the vicinity of outdoor dining,” she said.

“The complaints are coming from a combination of business owners and members of the public so we’re trying to get the message out there and remind the public of the laws.”

Ms Tattersall said keeping dining areas smoke-free makes it a “more pleasant experience” for people eating outdoors.

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