No specific announcements, but opportunities for shire in federal budget

While Maryborough and the Central Goldfields Shire have missed out on any major funding from the Federal Government’s 2019-20 budget, residents could still benefit from flow-on funding for areas including mental health, tax cuts and family violence.

Central Goldfields Shire chief administrator Noel Harvey said the federal budget is not directly linked to local government, but that there are “opportunities” to explore through funding announcements made during Tuesday’s budget.

“There are some exciting opportunities that council are keen to explore,” he said.

“Any road, TAFE, education and health funding is welcome.”

Mental health funding was high on the government’s priority list with the budget allocating $737 million over seven years to deliver more services for people living with mental illness, including $461 million for youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Additional funding of $111 million is being provided for 30 new Headspace services by 2021 to support young people.

Mr Harvey labelled the mental health investment as an “opportunity” to improve local services.

“I welcome the budget’s investment into mental health and Headspace and see this as an opportunity for the Central Goldfields to secure more resources and greater services in the region,” he said.

“Mental health and especially teen mental health is an issue in Maryborough and this announcement is a chance for us to secure better mental health services.”

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