Miners unearth $200k 99.7 percent pure gold nugget

It may have been some time since the cry of ʻeurekaʼ rang out at Dunolly, but it was certainly the case for miners Neville Perry and Mick Clark, who unearthed a huge 2.5 kilogram gold nugget on their Dunolly property last year.

Two miners have struck gold at their Dunolly mine site with the discovery of a nugget worth over $200,000.

Neville Perry and Mick Clark discovered the 2.5 kilogram gold nugget in October last year while filming for the television program Aussie Gold Hunters.

Dubbed Charlie’s Pride after the gully it was unearthed in, Mick said he and Neville were particularly excited to have found the nugget on camera.

“The purity of this gold is 99.7, which is exceptional for a natural nugget,” Mick said.

“It’s not the biggest piece we’ve ever found but it’s certainly up there. What excited us is that it’s the biggest nugget ever filmed on television in the world.”

Neville, from the Dunolly region and Mick, from Western Australia, were avid prospectors for many years before whole heartedly committing to their passion and becoming full time gold miners.

After careful research, the pair purchased their large property near Dunolly three years ago in an area well known for producing monster- sized nuggets.

“This property was a place Neville always wanted to mine. The history of the area from the 1850s is well recorded and we did do a lot of homework to make sure it was worth it,” Mick said.

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