Kyle Lierich breaks HPV world speed record in Bendigo

Former Maryborough local Kyle Lierich has added another world record notch to his belt, setting the fastest speed in a recumbent bike over the course of one hour.

Not many people can say they hold a world record, but former local Kyle Lierich added yet another to his repertoire last month.

After breaking human powered vehicle (HPV) distance records in 2016 and 2018, Lierich has now set the fastest speed travelled in a HPV, also known as a recumbent bike, over the course of one hour.

Travelling at a blistering pace of 49.6 kilometres per hour, Lierich successfully knocked the former standing record from 2010 of 45.2 km/h out of the park.

Now based in Bendigo, Lierich said he and his team hadn’t specifically prepared for this record, but rather “gave it a go” amidst triathlon season and hoped Lierich would be fit enough to pull it off.

“I’ve set these different types of records before but nothing like this indoor one, we just had a go at it and fortunately enough I had a really good ride and set a new record,” he said.

“We kind of went there with a plan like ‘oh we’ll just see how it goes’ and I had actually raced a big triathlon the weekend before so I wasn’t sure how I was going to go with a six-day turn around, but it turned out to be a really good result.”

Although he claimed the record, Lierich said he had wanted to break 50 km/h and would aim for that later in the year.

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