Josh’s bean business a roasting success

Newstead teenager Josh Rodgers runs a 100 percent solar powered coffee roasting business. Photo: supplied.

A Newstead teenager is making waves, and lattes, in the coffee industry, establishing his own solar powered roasting business.

After learning the art of coffee roasting at Malmsbury’s Moto Bean Coffee Roasters, 18-year-old Josh Rodgers opened his own coffee roasting business, Stay Dialed Coffee Roasters, late last year.

“I’ve been in the coffee industry for about five or six years and through that I’ve found you can really change someone’s life through the small interaction that you have with them and I wanted to create my own version of that,” Josh said.

Leaving high school when he was 14 to be home-schooled, Josh started working at a local farmers’ market that had a pop-up coffee cart, which sparked an “addiction” with the industry.

“From there I really wanted to learn more about coffee and especially coffee roasting,” he said.

“I bought a vintage two-kilogram coffee roaster and I currently roast around 40-50 kilograms of coffee a week.

“The whole operation is 100 percent solar-powered because I think it’s really important to look after the environment, and if you can have a solar powered operation, why wouldn’t you?”

Currently working with small coffee growers around the world and only selling online, Josh said he is keen to see his business expand and be able to sell wholesale.

“I source coffee beans from all around the world depending on what’s in season, what tastes good and what doesn’t,” he said.

Recently awarded the Mount Alexander Shire’s Youth Leadership Award in the Workplace as part of the council’s Youth Awards which kicked off Victorian Youth Week, Josh was one of six young people to take out an award.

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