Chloe’s new spray paint exhibit out of this world

Local teen Chloe Daniell has created her first public art display at the Maryborough Resource Centre using some fairly unconventional materials.

A bored teenager and a can of spray paint is usually a recipe for disaster, but for 19-year-old Chloe Daniell it has led to her first public display of artworks.

Just half a year ago Chloe tried her hand at spray paint art and now the budding young artist has made a wealth of works that are out of this world.

Focussing on a planetary theme, the paintings are handmade using a variety of materials including spray paint, plastic bags, paper, sponges and brushes.

The display can be seen at the Maryborough Resource Centre, with Chloe even hoping to sell a portion of her art.

The former MEC student said the inspiration to start painting came from “boredom” and a few DIY videos and months later, the display was created.

“I was bored one weekend and I just thought I’d do something nice,” she said.

To check out the works, head to the Maryborough Resource Centre or for more information email

For more on this story see Page 7 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, April 16

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