Cecilia Moar stands as Mallee candidate

Horsham resident Cecilia Moar has put up her hand to run in the race for Mallee as an Independent, highlighting a potable water system for the Pyrenees and sewerage in Talbot as priorities during a visit to the shire at the weekend.

A farmer, teacher and board member, Ms Moar voiced her commitment to a more “consultative, empowering approach to community representation” in a series of campaign launches at Talbot, Maryborough and Avoca on Sunday.

Joining nine candidates running for the seat of Mallee, the largest electorate in the state, Ms Moar said she is busy visiting towns across the region and that she is eager to represent its more than 100 small communities and regional cities.

“As an Independent, the only person that you answer to is your constituents, you are completely answerable to your communities, I would have visited around 40 of those by the end of the week,” she said.

“I will be establishing listening posts across the electorate and learning about the needs of these communities. The people of the Mallee know what they want, they’ve worked it all out, but they just need the funding for infrastructure and services.”

Ms Moar said her experience as a special education teacher has shown her that education and training can deliver opportunities and “enable young people to develop and contribute to their local communities”.

“Maryborough’s Mighty Mums tell me they need better investment in early years and post-secondary education,” she said.

“Improved access to healthcare, more doctors, nurse practitioners and other professionals including mental health and aged care are also a basic requirement for rural communities.”

With a “growing” knowledge of the Central Goldfields and Pyrenees region, Ms Moar identified a potable water supply from Avoca to be extended to Moonambel and Amphitheatre and town sewerage infrastructure at Talbot as priorities in the lead-up to the election.

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