Brock reels in trophy sized rainbow trout

Seven-year-old Brock Gloury has managed to reel in a trophy sized rainbow trout, measuring in at 60 centimetres long and weighing a whopping three kilograms. The avid fisher joins his dad Brett to drop a line at a number of local reservoirs.

At just seven years old, Brock Gloury is already reeling in big fish at local reservoirs and even managed to snag his first trophy sized rainbow trout.

Measuring a whopping 60 centimetres long and weighing in at three kilograms, the trout is the biggest fish Brock has reeled in and the avid fisher said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw its size.

“I was saying to dad, I caught a fish, I caught a fish, reeling it in I knew it was going to be big,” he said.

“I caught it on a tassie devil (lure)  called black thunder. It’s my first big rainbow trout on lure and as the picture shows, it’s almost as big as me.

“This trout is one of many of our catches over the past month but has to be the biggest so far.”

Spending most of his school holidays out fishing with his dad, Brett, Brock said he loves spending time outdoors and is a fan of the sport, because he “loves catching big fish”.

“He’s been coming out with me since he was about four years old, he really enjoys it now and is always on me to go out for a fish,” Brett said.

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