More than $10 million capital works included in 2019-2020 proposed budget

A 2.5 percent rate increase and a more than $10 million capital works program have been included in the “financially responsible” 2019- 2020 proposed budget for the Central Goldfields Shire.

At this week’s ordinary council meeting, administrators moved a motion to place the proposed budget, which includes the “largest” capital works program in the shire’s history, as well as a 2.5 percent rate rise in line with the State Government’s Fair Go rate cap system, out on public display.

Before moving the motion to endorse the proposed budget, administrators adopted the 2019- 2021 rating strategy, which will see the municipal charge reduced to 10 percent and remove the three ‘other’ differentials. Changes to the municipal charge will be phased in equally over three years and the removal of the three ‘other ’ differential rating categories will be phased in over five years.

During the meeting Central Goldfields Shire CEO Lucy Roffey labelled the proposed budget as “financially responsible” and “cash balanced”.

“The budget is based on a 2.5 percent rate increase, which is in line with the rate cap system. Council has not applied for a rate cap variation, we continue to work very hard to deliver services as efficiently as possible within the rate cap,” she said.

“Waste charges will also increase by 2.5 percent, that’s despite the fact there is still volatility in the waste market and we are trying to keep those increases to a minimum.”

The “most important” part of the budget, Ms Roffey said is the “large” capital works program of $10.29 million.

“This has come about because of the success we’ve had in applying for and receiving grants in the past 12 months. A lot of work has gone into working with the state and federal government to attract grants for the shire and now we’re starting to see the benefits of that,” she said.

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