Maryborough man recovering from “freak accident”

Maryborough local Ross Forster is recovering in hospital after he was injured at the Bendigo International Madison last weekend.

Maryborough resident Cheryle Forster has described the terrifying moment a cyclist collided with her husband, Ross Forster, in what she says was a “freak accident” at the Bendigo International Madison.

Mr Forster, owner of newsXpress in High Street, was involved in the accident at the Tom Flood Sports Centre at around 8.45 pm on Sunday when nearly half the field of cyclists collided, sending one spiralling out of control over the fence.

The cyclist was catapulted straight into Mr Forster, who was a spectator enjoying the night out with his wife.

“There was a huge crash in the front of the riders and half the field came down. The rider who hit us had nowhere to go and had to come up the top of the track and went straight over the fence,” Mrs Forster said.

“I was standing right next to Ross and I’ll never forget it. I saw the poor young cyclist’s eyes as he was coming towards us and he was terrified. I ducked to the side and Ross took the full impact, but if he’d hit me I probably would’ve died.”

Mr Forster is now recovering in hospital.

For more on this story see Page 3 of The Advertiser, Friday, March 15

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