Victoria Police announces no current Labor MPs will be charged over red shirts scandal

Sixteen Labor Party members, including former Member for Ripon Joe Helper, involved in the so called red shirts scandal have been exonerated by Victoria Police following an investigation into the misuse of more than $380,000 in taxpayer money.

While the 16 MPs have been exonerated, last week Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said two men are still currently being investigated as part of the third phase of the operation.

DC Patton said the investigation into those who allegedly orchestrated or designed the arrangements is ongoing, with two men still being investigated in relation to the matter.

“I’m not going to identify who those two men are, but they are not current members of parliament and were not field organisers,” he said.

“That investigation continues in relation to potential fraud matters.”

Released last year, Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass’ report into the misuse of staff budget entitlements found 21 Australian Labor Party Members of the Victorian Parliament — including 11 serving and 10 former MPs — breached the Parliament’s Members’ Guide by certifying payments to electorate officers used for party political campaigning during the 2014 state election.

Labor has since paid back the $388,000.

During a press conference last week DC Patton said the fraud and extortion squad have determined no charges will be laid against any of the 16 MPs who were examined or any electorate officers involved.

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