Towns set to feature in new documentary

The Maryborough region will be brought to life on the silver screen thanks to a new documentary on all things Mad Max.

Scenes from Maryborough and Clunes will soon be on the silver screen as part of a new documentary celebrating the world wide success of the Mad Max films.

Beneath the Outback Sun will be a feature length documentary which embraces the fans, machines and culture of Mad Max, starting with scenes from the weekend’s 40th anniversary celebrations of the original film at the Maryborough Harness Racing Complex at Carisbrook.

The original 1979 film had scenes shot in Clunes and starred Mel Gibson, and has proved it is still popular today with the most recent addition to the franchise, Mad Max Fury Road, released in 2015.

Melbourne-based production company The Picture Lot has now taken on the challenge of bringing Mad Max culture to the big screen and Beneath the Outback Sun director Eddie Beyrouthy said the project has been in planning for around six months.

Mad Max has become a world wide phenomenon. We’re out here to find ordinary people doing extra- ordinary things in the name of Mad Max and embracing all the events that are happening world wide for the 40th anniversary,” he said.

“We’re targeting six key characters from around the world who are dedicating their lives to Mad Max, including in Australia, Japan, the US, France and Italy.”

Mr Beyrouthy said the idea for the documentary came when actor Bertrand Cadart, who portrayed Clunk in the original film, approached him.

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