Reg celebrates 100 years

Robert “Reg” Reginald Steed celebrated his 100th birthday at his Maryborough home yesterday, reflecting on the change heʼs seen, the Second World War and his life as a farmer in Bung Bong.

Robert “Reg” Reginald Steed is Maryborough’s most recent recipient of a letter from the Queen, marking his 100th birthday yesterday.

Although “not really excited” by his birthday celebrations yesterday, Mr Steed took the time to reflect on his life achievements and the change he’s seen.

Born just after the First World War in 1919, Mr Steed has lived his whole life in the area, growing up on the family farm, Stone Lea, in Bung Bong.

“I grew up on the farm and we ran a lot of sheep because it’s a rocky sort of district and the paddocks weren’t suitable for cultivation really,” he said.

Mr Steed said he never moved away because there was always plenty to do on the farm.

“We had plenty to do on our own farm. We had about 1100 acres, it was mainly sheep and there were quite a few of them,” he said.

Over the years, Mr Steed said he’s seen some big changes take place.

“In a way I’ve seen a lot of change, most of them were gradual but when you look back they were changes,” he said.

“In our work on the farm there were changes, especially after the Second World War. A lot of things were substituted, for instance items made of leather were no longer made of pure leather, they were made of something else. A lot of it was an outcome of the war really.”

Mr Steed said science has made some huge leaps forward in his time.

“Technology is really the result of science, which has leaped ahead when you come to think of kids running around with cameras and that sort of thing,” he said.

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