Post office the new home for The Advertiser in Talbot

The Talbot Post Office is now selling The Maryborough District Advertiser following the closure of the Talbot General Store, with Greg and Heather McNeilly putting community requirements first.

The Maryborough District Advertiser will now be available from the Talbot Post Office, following the closure of the Talbot General Store.

Owners of the general store, Aaron and Sophie Woods, said they are “very upset” with the closure of the store, but love “the community and definitely the town, its serenity and people”.

The Talbot Post Office commenced sale of The Addy yesterday, and owner Greg McNeilly said taking on the sale of the paper in Talbot is for the community.

“There’s three core businesses in each community, the cornerstones as such — the pub, the milk bar and the post office,” he said.

“There’s other businesses that are important, but these three are the cornerstones. If you lose one of those, the town can go downhill.”

The post office is picking up where the general store has left off, selling general goods to soften the community’s fall with the closure of the business.

For more on this story see Page 2 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, February 19

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