Local swimmer prepares for double crossing in second English Channel swim

Local swimmer Rick Seirer is training for his attempt at a double crossing of the English Channel later this year. He completed a single crossing in 2016 in just 12 hours.

One successful English Channel crossing would be enough for some, but Rick Seirer is on a mission to become one of the oldest men in the world to complete a double crossing later this year.

The 59-year-old last entered the infamous waters of the channel in 2016 when he completed the one- way swim in under 12 hours and it will be almost exactly three years later that he attempts the record- breaking double crossing this August.

The local swimmer said his training is well underway, clocking over 45 kilometres in the water each week under the guidance of channel royalty Chloe McCardel.

McCardel has crossed the channel over 20 times and became one of just four people in the world to complete a non-stop triple crossing in 2015.

If successful, Seirer ’s double- crossing is expected to take 28 hours and in order for the record to be counted he must complete the journey in nothing other than a swim cap, goggles, a regular pair of toggs and “a bit of grease”.

Seirer said his past experience has helped him prepare for the toll the swim has on a person’s body but admits that there’s probably a reason not many people attempt a double.

“Salt water is a problem because it draws a lot of moisture out of your body and you absorb a lot of salt which can cause dehydration,” he said.

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