Local police officers soon to be equipped with body worn cameras

With Avoca police now equipped with body worn cameras, Maryborough police will soon follow suit with the devices set to roll out early next month.

Eleven thousand body worn cameras are set to be distributed state-wide to Victoria Police by 2020, with the Maryborough Police Station next on the list to receive the devices.

The new battery-powered cameras are to be worn on the uniform of police officers and will capture both audio and video interactions between police officers and the public, as well as the real- time capture of video evidence at the scene of a crime. The devices are also expected to improve community safety and justice outcomes.

Maryborough police Sergeant Gary Walter said the cameras are going to benefit both members of the

police force and the public. “There are a lot of reasons for the introduction of these cameras, and one of the main reasons is in the transparency in the work we do,” he said

“If there are allegations that the police haven’t done the right thing, then this provides good evidence on that, one way or the other.

“It protects our members from those sorts of allegations and also gives the community confidence that we are doing our job correctly.”

Sgt Walter said the introduction of the cameras came about following the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

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