Laane prepares for second innings as MKM sets sights on outright win

Though MKM is destined for a win over Laanecoorie Dunolly this round, whether or not the side will claim its first outright win of the season this Saturday remains to be seen.

After a 72 to 150 first innings win last weekend, Mill sent Laane in to start off their second innings late on Saturday afternoon.

Laane’s second innings score currently sits at 21 runs with both opening bats not out.

Should the second go as the first, Mill will attempt to bowl the entire side out quite quickly, before outscoring them in the reply.

Last weekend Jaxon Smyth was imperative in the side’s win, taking 5/31 at the stumps and making 59 (not out) with the bat in hand.

Smyth, Jason Sinclair and Joel Radlof are who Mill is likely to look at to put a premature end to Laane’s innings.

Laane has taken a slightly different approach this time around, sending Nathan Nikolic in with Nathan Leist to open the batting.

Last time Leist was paired with skipper Liam Mottram to open and Nikolic appeared sixth in the batting order.

The move up the order makes sense as Nikolic was the side’s highest runscorer last weekend, despite a small personal total of 14 runs.

In the past, Liam Mottram, Leist and Brad McHugh have been successful runscorers for Laane and they will have to be on their game this weekend if they wish to stop an outright loss to MKM.

An outright win for Mill would award the side 10 premiership points and put them just two points shy of fourth position on the ladder.

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