Go Goldfields reflects on 2018

Go Goldfields manager social inclusion Sandra Hamilton, Caroline Thoroughgood and Central Goldfields Shire chief administrator Noel Harvey were among those in attendance for the launch of Go Goldfields Year in Review for 2018.

Go Goldfields launched its Year in Review for 2018 at the Community Hub on Wednesday.

The launch was designed to acknowledge the work done by individuals and community organisations involved in the Go Goldfields initiative and to show the community the progress that’s being made.

Go Goldfields, which is a place-based initiative, addresses complex social issues in what Central Goldfields Shire chief administrator Noel Harvey called “unique” fashion.

“There are a number of collective impact programs throughout the countryside but this is quite a unique one, particularly in relation to the number of community organisations and individual members of the community that are involved,” he said.

“I think that’s really exciting and what’s special about Go Goldfields.

“As a council, we are committed to this because we can see this is the sort of initiative that’s making a real difference in the community.”

Go Goldfields works in four key areas, which are children and families, youth, work readiness and family safety.

“We’ve made some really good inroads in these areas, there are some really good things in place here. We are making good progress, and importantly it’s measurable progress,” Mr Harvey said.

Caroline Thoroughgood is a community member who sits on the Go Goldfields collaborative table and said since becoming involved four years ago, she’s seen positive change in the community.

“I wanted to have a bit more of an input into programs that are happening and I felt like I had things to say or experience and opinions to offer,” she said.

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