Fundraiser to help Don in MS battle

Don Calder and his four-year-old daughter Kenzie are set to celebrate the original Mad Max film tonight, which will raise funds for Donʼs battle with multiple sclerosis.

Battling multiple sclerosis (MS) for the past 15 years, 36- year-old Don Calder is set to head to Russia in April to undergo a costly procedure which aims to halt the progression of his condition, with a special fundraiser tonight set to kick off his journey.

The procedure, called Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) is unavailable in Australia, and with travel included will cost Mr Calder around $100,000.

A special fundraiser is being held tonight at Maryborough’s Paramount Theatre, with a screening of the original Mad Max film to help support Don and raise awareness of the procedure.

“The fundraiser was my idea, I love Mad Max. I thought I’d get everyone in the mood for the 40th anniversary weekend with a fundraiser,” Mr Calder said.

Mr Calder said he’s not nervous about the procedure, but excited, as it will provide him with the chance to watch his four-year-old daughter, Kenzie, grow up.

To donate to Mr Calder’s fight against MS, head to multiple-sclerosis.

The Mad Max fundraiser kicks off at 8.30 pm tonight. Tickets are $20 each, with funds split between Mr Calder and the cinema. Organisers are asking for tickets to be purchased prior to the event.

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