Die hard fans descend on Maryborough for Mad Max

A huge convoy of replica vehicles and motorcycles impressed crowds as they roared down the streets of Maryborough on Saturday for the 40th anniversary celebrations of Mad Max.

It was a hot and dusty day at the Maryborough Harness Racing Complex on Saturday, but it was a climate well suited to the celebrations of the iconic Mad Max films.

Nearly 2000 fans, actors and re-enactors piled into the complex for the 40th anniversary of the original 1979 movie which starred Mel Gibson, was shot in Clunes and has gathered a cult following around the world.

Die hard fans travelled from around Australia and as far as Japan and the USA to attend the event and with tickets sold out, event organiser Mark Burke said the day was a great success.

“This event will be remembered for years to come, it was a huge effort from all involved,” he said.

“There were a few things that didn’t turn out the way we wanted themtobutattheendofthedaywe got it over the line.

“The overall event was about giving something special back to the cast of Mad Max on the very special 40th anniversary. The actors were very happy.”

Numbers for those attending the event were capped at 1350, 600 of which camped on site, and Mr Burke said the smaller crowd allowed for a more personalised experience.

“We did cap the numbers at 1350 which meant the actors could relax a little bit with the fans,” he said.

Of the many well-known faces who were in town for the event was French-born actor Bertrand Cadart, who portrayed Clunk in the films.

Mr Cadart visited the event on Friday for a documentary he is featuring in and said the visit brought back fond memories of the film and the region.

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