Council targets to be introduced

Residents will soon be able to compare the Central Goldfields Shire’s delivery of key services, such as road maintenance, with similar councils across the state thanks to the introduction of performance targets.

Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek said improving the targets reported on through the Australian first, Know Your Council website would deliver better transparency and accountability across the state’s 79 local councils.

The performance targets will measure the delivery of key services such as road maintenance and the processing of planning applications.

The Know Your Council website provides information on a broad range of performance data on Victoria’s Local Government Authorities dating back to 2015 – including planning permits, financial performance, roads, governance and waste collection.

This reporting boosts accountability by giving residents and businesses the opportunity to compare and contrast the performance of similar councils across a range of services and other measures across the state.

Welcoming the announcement, Central Goldfields Shire chief administrator Noel Harvey said the targets will provide more information on how the council is performing compared to similar shires.

“I think this is a good thing, it’s great the information is out there,” he said.

“If you compare Central Goldfields, it shows that we are doing very well in a lot of areas, while in some there is room for improvement.

“Comparisons are useful but they need to be taken in context as small rural councils are very different.”

For more on this story see Page 5 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, February 12

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