Young woodchoppers come out on top in gathering display

Up and coming woodchopping stars Nick Jenkins (17), alongside Jack (16) and Frazer Carnes (13) showcased the art of woodchopping at Tuesdayʼs Highland Gathering, kitted out in chainmail under their clothes despite warm temperatures.

Burly men armed with axes showed onlookers what they’re cut out for at Tuesday’s Highland Gathering, with a woodchopping display shaking things up at Princes Park.

Included in the Highland Gathering for the first time, the Wimmera Axemen’s Association was eager to demonstrate the sport of woodchopping, secretary Georgie Jenkins said.

“We’re very happy to put on a demonstration and show the boys off,” she said.

“This is a demonstration in woodchopping, not a competition as such. It’s a bit more relaxed because there’s not as much pressure.”

Despite the heat, woodchoppers continued to chip away throughout the day, attracting crowds of spectators.

Travelling from Beaufort, the Wimmera Axemen’s Association’s Frazer Carnes said woodchopping is a family affair for him.

“My family is pretty involved with woodchopping, my brother is a woodchopper, mum is the treasurer of the association and dad is vice president,” he said.

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