Workshop encouraging locals to be prepared for bushfires

Maryborough and Ballarat CFA units will be holding a bushfire scenario workshop at the Maryborough Fire Station on Monday, January 14. Maryborough CFA members (back) Bradley Costello, Bradley Lockhart, (front) Raelene Williams and Captain Darryl Wagstaff are urging community members to attend.

More than 30 years after the 1985 fires, Maryborough and Ballarat CFA units are hosting a bushfire scenario workshop and urge community members to attend.

Landing on the 34th anniversary of the 1985 Avoca and Maryborough fires, the workshop will be held at the Maryborough Fire Station on Monday.

Maryborough Fire Brigade community safety coordinator Raelene Williams said the role playing evening is set to aid residents in how best to respond to a potential fire and test individual and community fire plans.

“We normally host street corner meetings, informing people of how to be prepared for a bushfire,” she said.

“This year we’ve organised the Ballarat CFA to run a scenario where they have a hypothetical situation in a make-believe town and go through the process of what would happen during a fire.

“We heard about these scenario workshops that are happening and they’re getting some really good engagement with people, so we thought we’d run one.

“This is so people can get more of an idea about how their position might impact them if there is a fire.”

The bushfire scenario workshop is this Monday, January 14 at the Maryborough Fire Station and kicks off with a barbecue at 6 pm, followed by the scenario running from 7 until 9 pm.

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