Pump pain

Maryborough’s high petrol prices are no secret to locals, but over the past two weeks those filling up at home are being forced to pay up to a whopping 30 cents more per litre for petrol than other nearby regional centres.

Figures collected by The Advertiser over the past two weeks found that not only do Maryborough’s prices soar above towns like Ballarat and Bendigo, but it may have some of the highest petrol prices in the state.

All three of Maryborough’s petrol stations, United, Coles Express and Woolworths, consistently sit well above the state average for price per litre.

The Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) recorded a Victorian average of 117.7 cents per litre for the week ending January 6, around 15 cents lower than the

lowest price available in Maryborough, and a state regional average of 125.2, still around seven cents less than Maryborough.

Compared to other Victorian regional centres recorded by AIP, Maryborough’s top petrol price of 139.9 cents per litre this week was rivalled only by Yarrawonga (142.6 cents per litre) and Ararat (145.9 cents per litre).

On the previous week ending December 31, the price per litre of petrol at Coles Express in Maryborough was 153.9 cents per litre.

In comparison, AIP data shows Bendigo and Ballarat, both located less than an hour from Maryborough, had an average petrol price per litre of 121.4 and 123.1 respectively — over 30 cents cheaper.

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