Ebony’s long locks get the chop for charity

Ebony Passalick braved the razor on New Yearʼs Eve as she donated her long locks to children in need.

While Maryborough’s own wildlife warrior, Ebony Passalick, is well-known for dedicating her time to raising money for endangered animals, the 13-year-old lent a hand to a charity of a different kind last week.

Last year Ebony made the brave decision to donate her hair to the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation, which supports those who suffer from the auto-immune disease that results in hair loss.

“I decided last year that I wanted to add an extra charity so I was doing more than just the one,” she said.

“It helps other young kids feel better about themselves and honestly they need the hair more than I do.”

Ebony underwent the razor at the New Year’s Eve at the Station Domain event with a big crowd watching on.

“I felt a mixture of feelings while my hair was being cut off,” she said.

“I was happy to be donating my hair but I was nervous about how it would look and the fact that I had heaps of people watching me as it was cut off.”

Ebony’s hair will be donated to the Wigs for Kids program and her long locks will likely be used to make two wigs for children in need.

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