Colts claim top spot on the ladder in outright win over MKM

MKMʼs last standing batsman, Brad Reeves lost his stump to Colts Phelansʼ Dayne Baker on Saturday.

Colts Phelans has secured top spot on the ladder for the first time during the 2018/19 two-day season, knocking Clunes from the number one spot following an outright win over MKM at the weekend.

The result was not unexpected after Colts dominated the Mill during the first weekend of play.

Winning the toss and batting first, MKM made a poor start to the match, finishing its turn at the crease all out for 79.

Colts had no such problems, and four batsmen and 40 overs was all the side needed to trounce the Mill’s total.

While the match was won, the Colts were hungry for more, sending MKM back onto the pitch at the weekend for a second innings.

Taking advantage of its second chance, MKM managed to pull together a far more respectable innings.

Opening batsmen Liam Radlof (20) and Chris Nancarrow (9) made a solid start to the innings against a much higher ranked Colts.

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