More than $600,000 damage caused during haystack fire

Fire ripped through a haystack on a Carisbrook farm late last week.

A hay shed fire at a Carisbrook farm which burned for 48 hours has caused around $600,000 worth of damage, leaving the farm owner “devastated”.

CFA crews were called to the fire at around 10.25 am on Thursday last week where a shed containing around 1400 large square hay bales was already well alight.

Fire fighters and farm hands worked for most of the day and into the night to keep the fire contained, stopping it from spreading to a nearby hay shed and paddocks.

Seven fire trucks were called to the scene and Carisbrook Fire Brigade Captain Ian Boucher said the blaze gave the crews a fight.

“The haystack was fully involved when we arrived and the farmer had already taken around 40 to 50 bales out which weren’t yet alight and tried to contain the fire,” he said.

“The amount of bales and the shed made it a difficult process to fight. There’s virtually nothing you

can do when it’s burning that hot except prevent it from spreading.

“The shed next door is full of hay so the first thing we did was stop it from moving to the next hay stack and the dry grass on the ground around it.”

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