Store sounds scam warning as reports rise

Central Goldfields Shire residents are being warned about a surge in scammers impersonating Telstra Security in an attempt to gain personal information.

The Christmas period is proving to be popular for scammers, with Maryborough Telecommunications manager Robert Durbridge saying the store has seen an influx of residents being targeted.

“We’ve had about 100 people come in about scamming in the past two to three weeks. People are coming in every day,” he said.

One resident, who was targeted by a scammer impersonating Telstra Security, and asked to remain anonymous, said the scammer “put the fear of God” into them.

“We don’t normally answer the home phone, but he (the scammer) had been calling on and off for an hour,” the resident said.

“He called after 6 pm and said that our internet banking and internet address had been hacked into, and that he was from Telstra Security.

The frequency of the calls and the way that he spoke put the fear of God into me.

“He was very stern and led me to believe that he actually was a member of Telstra Security.

“I gave him access to my computer and was watching what he was doing, there was a Telstra logo so it all seemed legitimate.

“They were trying to get my personal information, like passwords and banking details.”

For more on this story see Page 5 of The Advertiser, Friday, December 28

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