Less people leaving early on high risk fire danger days

While the fire danger rating was low this week in the Central Goldfields, the CFA has said the rating will be very high in the north central area today.

Just one in 10 Victorians living in high risk bushfire areas say they would leave early on days of high fire danger according to survey results released by the CFA this week.

The finding comes from the CFA’s annual Community Bushfire Survey, and is the lowest proportion recorded in the past seven years.

While many Victorians are choosing not to leave early, the survey found that the number of people who said they would stay and defend has dropped to 13 percent, just a year after it recorded a high of 17 percent.

Thirty-three percent of respondents said they would leave as soon as they knew a fire was threatening their town or suburb, while a quarter said they would do as much as possible to protect their property but leave if they felt threatened by the fire.

Another 10 percent said they would wait to see what the fire was like before deciding whether to stay or leave, while seven percent said they would wait for emergency services to tell them what to do on the day.

The survey results are a timely reminder to local residents to know their fire plan as the Goldfields braces for a scorching top of 38 degrees today, with temperatures continuing to stay in the 30s over the weekend according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

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