Fire a timely reminder to check fire plans

The Maryborough Fire Brigade was quick to attend a fire at McPherson’s Printing Group factory last week.

Arriving within just minutes of receiving the call, Maryborough CFA Captain Daryl Wagstaff said the flame had already been extinguished.

“At around 11.50 am the automatic sprinkler alarm went off and alerted us to a fire at McPherson’s, which one unit was sent to,” Captain Wagstaff said.

“It appeared that the paper bale press had caught on fire, which triggered the sprinkler head above it and with staff using the emergency hoses positioned nearby, the flame was extinguished by the time we arrived a few minutes later.”

Jamie Herd from McPherson’s explained that the paper in the extraction unit caused the flame that occurred in the bale press.

“The paper passes through the extraction unit, which then goes to the bale press. As the paper comes through the extraction unit, it can build up and create friction as more paper comes through,” he said.

“This is what’s happened today, the fire didn’t actually start in the extraction unit but the press. It was a very minor incident but one that could escalate quickly.”

For more on this story see Page 2 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, December 4

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