Display spreads Christmas cheer

Newsteadʼs Charlie and Maddy Hutton have upped their hay bale Christmas display this year, creating a 50-bale castle and reindeer pulling santaʼs sleigh.

The drive along the Pyrenees Highway into Newstead has become a festive highlight, with the Hutton family putting on a Christmas show again this year.

Using more than 50 hay bales to create this year’s Christmas themed statues, the Newstead family wanted to spread the Christmas spirit, constructing a five bale-high castle and reindeer pulling santa’s sleigh.

It was a family effort to assemble the display, and 16-year-old Maddy said it took three days to complete the project.

“It’s good to have something like this, people expect us to put it on each year and it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

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