Ancient Japanese karate style comes to local dojo

Sensei Sonomi Atsuzawa visited the Maryborough Dojo last month to train both students and instructors.

The ancient art of kobudo, a style of karate that turns everyday items into weapons, has found its way to Maryborough’s newest dojo.

Local instructors Gary Oliver and Marcus Cassells welcomed Japanese master, Sonomi Atsuzawa to the Maryborough Dojo last month to help expand their own kobudo training.

In kobudo, trained individuals incorporate things such as a six-foot pole (bo), a boat hook (sai) and a small scythe (karma) into karate.

The style of kobudo is not for the faint of heart and Sonomi said she wouldn’t introduce a student to the style unless they had reached a green belt in bare hand karate as a minimum.

Originally from Daylesford, Sonomi Sensei moved to Japan about 10 years ago where she studies martial arts full time.

She also acts as an ambassador for her teacher, third generation grand master Kaicho Isao Kise and travels with him as a translator through training tours and seminars.

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