Shoppers warned of rise in scams

Coles Maryborough staff are warning residents about ongoing giftcard scams after they noticed an increase in locals falling victim to the crime.

Coles Maryborough customer service manager Mandy Street said check out staff have noticed an increase in locals, particularly elderly residents, purchasing multiple giftcards after being told they have unpaid utility bills.

“These scammers are very convincing and tell their victims that they have an unpaid fine, usually a utility bill, that they have to pay via giftcards,” she said.

“The scammers are saying they are from a variety of different organisations and companies.”

Ms Street said staff have recently completed an online training course regarding scam awareness and warned that no legitimate business will ever ask for payment via a giftcard.

“When people are purchasing multiple gift cards, we always ask them what they are for, staff are being vigilant to try and stop people from falling victim to this sort of crime,” she said.

For more on this story see Page 2 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, September 11.

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