Carisbrook earns the right to defend its title

Carisbrook covered Navarre comfortably to head into the season decider on the back of a 63-point preliminary win

Carisbrook will have the opportunity to defend its title as MCDFNL premiers after handing Navarre a significant defeat in Saturday’s preliminary final.

The Redbacks defeated Navarre comfortably in the battle between the combatants of the past four grand finals and strode into their fifth consecutive season decider in style, defeating Navarre by 63 points.

A hard-fought first quarter played out at Princes Park with both teams attack on the ball — and at times the man — not being questioned.

Carisbrook kicked the first goal of the game just three minutes in through a snap shot over the shoulder by Liam Cunningham.

Navarre answered immediately when Aaron Slorach presented on the lead and marked at the 50 metre mark.

Slorach reeled around and kicked long towards Riley Bibby, but the ball went over Bibby’s outstretched arms and through for a goal.

It was goal-for-goal from then on as Matthew Bilton answered for Carisbrook, only to be matched by a great piece of play from Sam Kaye when he shepherded a ball while lying on the ground and snapped a goal on his left foot.

However, once again this goal was answered immediately out of the centre at the next bounce with Matt Jukes on the end of fine Carisbrook play.

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