A true story with Hamish and Andy

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee with The Maryborough District Advertiser editor, Grant Condon (centre).

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have always prided themselves on being men of the people.

It’s an attitude that turned them into household names as they dominated radio airwaves across the nation and produced top-rating television series and specials.

It’s also why I, Grant Condon, editor of The Maryborough District Advertiser, was recently invited to interview the famed comedic duo.

This publication was given an interview slot in Hamish and Andy’s People’s Press Junket, a chance to chat with the pair ahead of the launch of the second season of their TV series True Story.

The show reenacts unbelievably true stories told to Hamish and Andy by an ordinary member of the public.

An interview like this is access usually gifted to major media corporations such as Fairfax, News Corp, national breakfast TV shows and state-wide radio programs.

So with around 30 minor media outlets assembled — some as small as a family newsletter — Hamish and Andy sat down in the ritzy Pier One hotel in Sydney for an interview with The Advertiser.

With just a four minute slot allocated and a Channel Nine producer ensuring those times would be strictly kept, the interview was going to be short.

Rather than ask generic questions about their latest show that they’ve answered hundreds of times to audiences in their thousands, I thought I’d try and give readers of The Advertiser what they’ve come to expect from this publication — localised content.

The plan was to play a game of true or false based on hard to believe stories from Maryborough and surrounds, some which could easily take a place on Hamish and Andy’s True Story.

With the knowledge they gained from that game, it was hoped the boys would then give me a humorous localised answer as to why the people of the Central Goldfields should tune into True Story.

That was the plan, but I soon discovered the pair, particularly Hamish, had their own idea on how the interview would play out.

Watch the video to find out what happened.

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